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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What happened to me

One can never know what is coming ones way and to my dismay my son's hospitalization was a real shock from which I am still trying to recover.

I could'nt believe that such a rare case would inflict *my* darling one and I guess we are allways like that! we think that all the bad things happen to others and we are in some ways *immmune*-what a naiive outlook of me to have-

Yet I'm sure that the Dear Lord was with my family the entire way and I cant but see the positive effects of this ordeal on all of us, especially on myself. Guess there is really a silver lining to every cloud (sth I did not completely believe in before).

Spiritually I have gotten much closer to my Dearest Lord and am feeling His ever alert and loving presence more and more. I tried to repent from many of my past un-lordly ways which I am sure were part of the cause for this affliction [I feel that anything bad that comes our way is either due to our own bad conduct (action-reaction) but also a blessing from the Dear Lord to remind us and help us save ourselves from destruction because of His immense Love]

Another "positive" point about his illness, was to persuade me (even more than before) to "choose" to become a wife and a mother, which I believe are the first and most important roles a Godly woman should play in this short life of uncertainties about one's future.

I know that all great religions advise women to perform these great responsibilities as best as they can and looking at women who choose to stay at home and raise good children with "feminist contempt" is the root of many evil weeds sprouting in our societies.

May everyone live in good health

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