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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Letter of the Soul

I don't feel well. In fact for a long time I have not been feeling well. My body is full of wounds, wounds very deep, wounds which are infected and painful, wounds which are bleeding. I need help, but I cannot talk to anyone. People around me are all wounded, but they either turn away and ignore, or they are busy with wounds much bigger than mine, yet the strange thing is that they try to conceal it, there are also those who are putting the wrong ointment on their wounds or washing them with contaminated water from the springs of death, so many springs with black liquid gushing out of the drenched soil. There are also those who look at me and laugh.

I need help. I have to see a doctor. A doctor who would know the reason for my ailment, a doctor who would wash my wounds and treat them with healing ointments, a doctor who is a stranger to the poison of death, a doctor who won't interrogate me, who won't torture me with words and sentences, "what have you done to yourself?"," where have you been all this time?", "why did you neglect?", treatment is useless", "it’s a long way to recovery, you'll have to be examined, and examined and examined, only if you passed the tests….. otherwise you won't even be allowed to enter, let alone receive any kind of treatment".

I need a doctor who would heal me, knowing that I have wronged myself, knowing that I have returned to be cured. I need a doctor who would ignore my wounds and would only pay attention to my heart, see that it's still beating, still pumping life. I need a doctor who would heal my wounds because of what he sees in my heart: an earnest desire to return and get healed, and to be guided to a path which would lead me straight to the source of LIFE.

Most important of all, I need a doctor who is not himself contaminated with festering wounds!

I think I'm on the right track.


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