Help The Truth

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Today as I was watching my husband and my little son laugh and play as they playfully wrestled and as I thanked the Dear Lord for All that he had blessed my precious family with, I could not help but remember the painful situation of the people in Gaza...... I could not help but remember all those children who no longer have parents or all those parents who no longer have even one child left, people who have lost 5 children in a moment, all their hopes and wishes for the future disappearing into thin air full of burning phosphorous gas which is suffocating them even as they mourn their precious lost ones. I read somewhere on the internet that one entire Gazan family has decided to live in one room so that in case of their home being bombed they would ALL die together not some dead some alive.... Oh dear Lord entire families -if they survive- would have nothing left of their loved ones but their memories, not even pictures as their whole house has been demolished... Dear Lord, you are the Wise, the compassionate, the all-knowing, help resolve the catastrophic situation in Gaza in the best possible way as you see fit in your ultimate wisdom.... help the people of the world to know you and to love you and to know themselves and love themselves and their brothers..... help us free ourselves from ignorance, self worship and materialism, help us dear Lord help us.


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