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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In seeking asylum with God

1 O God, if Thou willest, Thou wilt pardon us through Thy bounty
2 and if Thou willest, Thou wilt chastise us through Thy justice. So make our ways smooth to Thy pardon through Thy kindness
3 and grant us sanctuary from Thy chastisement through Thy forbearance, for none of us has the endurance for Thy justice
4 and none of us can reach deliverance without Thy pardon!
5 O Richest of the rich! Here we are, Thy servants, before Thee.
6 I am the neediest of the needy toward Thee, so redress our neediness through Thy plenty
7 and cut us not off from our hopes through Thy withholding, lest Thou makest wretched him who seeks felicity through Thee
8 and deprivest him who seeks help from Thy bounty!
9 Then to whom would we return after Thee?
10 Where would we go from Thy gate?
11 Glory be to Thee! We are the distressed, the response to whom Thou hast made incumbent,
12 the people from whom Thou hast promised to remove the evil.
13 That thing most resembling Thy will
14 and that affair most worthy for Thee in Thy mightiness is showing mercy to him who asks Thee for mercy
15 and helping him who seeks help from Thee. So show mercy upon our pleading with Thee
16 and free us from need when we throw ourselves before Thee!
17 O God, Satan will gloat over us if we follow him in disobeying Thee
18 so bless Muhammad and his Household
19 and let him not gloat over us after we have renounced him for Thee
20 and beseeched Thee against him!

verse 3 holds so much wisdom and truth. I always thought to myself that the best thing we expect from people is to be just towards others in all their conduct. Yet justice is such an ambiguous term in practice. Sometimes justice would mean punishment for some and reward for others, which may not be deemed fair by those who are punished (even though they may really have done something wrong in the eyes of the one who passes judgement)

On the other hand God is the source of true justice and His judgement is the ONLY true verdict, which shall see no opposition, because He is always alert and can even see out secret intentions let alone our actions! So if He were to judge His creatures He would know about them more than they may know about themselves....would I then, want God to be *Just* towards me and my deeds? Knowing myself and my past actions I would surely vote for *mercy* rather than *justice* from an all-knowing powerful God who is free to judge me since He created me in the first place and I belong totally to Him.

As kristenmomof3 said "The answer to trouble is prayer". This is so true! Prayer is the only way for salvation , but I believe that its a very good idea to pray to God through his *mercy*.


From Islamic Psalms called sahifa-sajjadiya


Kristen said...

wonderful post.

Blessings to you.

Hajar Zamzam Ismail said...

Salams, I thought you might like to know that Masooma at

is also Shia. ;-)She's great, I've known her for years.

eli said...

..and blessings to u dear Kristen

..thank you Hajar for introducing her I'll check her out as soon as possible, its very important for me to know the reasons behind one's conversion to the Shia belief, as they are such a minority but then one that many converts to Islam actually choose after thorough investigations.