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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Submission is harmony

There was once a King who wanted to learn Arabic. No one in his region spoke it except for one old man. This old man was summoned to the Kings palace where he was immediately instructed to give his first lesson to the King. During the lesson the old man excused himself informing the King that since it was noon it was time for him to pray.

The King laughed mockingly.

“O you poor man, what type of religion do you follow? I can pray to my god any time I please”

The old man smiled revealing his was not perturbed by the King’s offensive on his religion.

“As can I” the old man responded. “Yet how unfortunate it is, whenever you call God He is there but when God calls you, you are not”

The King was taken aback by the old man’s response. Yet not content with being upstaged the King continued.

“Your religion of Islam says God is All Forgiving, thus it does not matter whether you are late for your prayer or even if you miss your prayer for your God will forgive you. If He does not then He is not the All Forgiving”

The King’s facial expression was one of pride, he was clearly pleased with the argument he put forward.

“Forgiveness is never given without repentance and repentance is never proven without rectification”

The King became flustered.

“You can rectify tomorrow. For now you will continue to teach me this language”

“I may not see tomorrow” replied the old man.

“If you do not continue to teach I will ensure you do not see tomorrow” threatened the King.

“So be it. There is no better prayer performed than the one who believes it is his last”

The King suddenly became fascinated at the old mans uncompromising obedience to his God.

“Your unyielding submission to your religion leads me to believe it does not allow you to think for yourself. You cannot deny this. You are told when to pray, how to pray, how to wash, what to eat and many other things, the list goes on. This is not a liberating religion.”

“Do me the honor of informing me as to how I teach?” the old man asked.

The King was confused.

“You teach well but how is this relevant?”

“Is it possible for someone to teach better than I?”

“Yes it is possible, but again how is this relevant?”

“Do you not see that any thing could be performed better?”

“This is true, but old man, you have not told me how all this is relevant?”

“Do you believe God is All Knowing?”

“Yes. Now old man, tell me the relevance of your questioning before I have my guards cut off your head”

“I have shown you that there is an ideal way of doing any particular thing and there is none better to show us what that ideal way is than the All Knowing.”
"Old man what you are suggesting is we cannot think for ourselves"
"Did you summon me to your palace?"

“May I ask why?”

“Old man what type of foolish questioning is this? You know the language I wish to learn who else will teach me?”

“Indeed. Now from what I had taught you thus far, have you listened attentively?”


“Will you implement everything I have taught you?”

“Yes. Old man you are testing my patience, now get to the point”

“You have exercised your free will in choosing me as your teacher. You have also exercised common sense in choosing me as I know the language you wish to learn. You have also given me total submission for without it, you will not be able to speak this language. Only a liberated mind can recognize he who is worthy of total submission for such a person will also recognize that with this total submission you improve and when you improve, things work how they should and when things work how they should there is harmony.

Now take a look outside. Do you notice complete harmony between the sun, the earth, the water, the vegetation, all working in unison together, a most beautiful equilibrium, achieved only through total submission. He, the Almighty, the Author of this perfect system is showing us in the most manifest of ways, we too can achieve the same equilibrium and harmony, this time between mind, body and soul. All one must do is submit. Yet because man has free will everything submits except him and the result? Wars, oppression, injustice, depression and yet audaciously, despite all that, when man does not submit to Gods will he claims to have a liberated mind!

Nay only the foolish and arrogant mind will do contrary to what the All Knowing advises. And this is the difference between you and I. My common sense recognizes the All Knowing is best to teach me about life and how it should be lived, from the fundamental to the minor. And this is where the treasures of life are found, through submission. For one cannot understand its secrets and experience nirvana with its Author when one is opposed to His divine system.”


Hajar Zamzam Ismail said...

Masha Allah! how beautiful! I love it.

eli said...

thanx for commenting Hajar,
this was sent to me by email and I really enjoyed reading it and decided to share it on my blog.